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          • Qinghai's Hainan Prefecture: National Innovation Demo Zone

            Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwest China's Qinghai province has been designated as a national innovation demonstration zone for sustainable development in 2022, which is seen as a significant achievement and a new calling card for the prefecture.

          • Hefei Through the Lens of International Talents

            In recent years, a growing number of international talents like Lee have chosen to live in Hefei as they see the the city's potential. Hefei was also recognized as one of the most attractive cities in the eyes of foreign experts from 2019 to 2021, according to the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

          • TCM Industry Gets Tech Boost

            Guangdong province, known for its strong tradition in developing the TCM industry, has achieved remarkable success in industrial scale and competitiveness, ranking among the top in China.

          • Hainan FTP Gathers Momentum

            The latest supportive move was made by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), to approve establishment of the National Tech Transfer Center in Hainan in 2022.

          • Beijing Rolls Out a Plan for Web 3.0 Innovation

            Beijing has unveiled a plan to encourage Web 3.0 innovation and support the development of core technologies in key areas, such as AI, blockchain, and high-performance computing chips.

          • Improved Facilities Boost Basic Research in China

            More and more young researchers are heading for Songshanhu Science City (hereinafter referred to as Songshanhu) in Guangdong's Dongguan city, to realize their dreams.

          • Computing Power Uplifts Economic Development

            Dubbed as China's Data Valley, Gui'an New Area in Guiyang and Anshun cities in southwest China's Guizhou province is pioneering development of the digital economy.

          • Livestreaming Recruitment Trends in China

            Livestreaming recruitment is becoming an important way for enterprises to source employees in China.

          • China-Germany Industrial Park Expands

            In Beijing's Shunyi district lies the China-Germany Industrial Park, which is a national-level cooperation project between the two countries. It opened in December 2021, next to Beijing Capital International Airport and other exhibition centers.

          • Robot Industry Prospers in Tangshan

            Walking into the manufacturing center of Tangshan Robot Industry Base is like entering another world, as technicians rush about testing robot products that include flexible two-arm robots and wide-vision 3D industrial cameras.

          Top News

          • Weeks ago on April 11, the Cyberspace Administration of China unveiled draft regulations for products and services that use generative artificial intelligence. This software structure, like the one behind ChatGPT, is upgrading the content creation of AI, making it analogous to a human being even more than in any other historical time.

          Small City Witnesses Broad Sino-German Cooperation

          Taicang, a small county-level city located in Suzhou, east China's Jiangsu province, is honored as "the hometown of German enterprises." Since 1993 when Kern Liebers was the first German company settled in Taicang, there are more than 480 German companies.

          GSI Contributes to the World Security

          The GSI represents the Chinese answer to world problems and crises, a real call on all countries to "practice true multilateralism.